Cer Deschis Gallery is proud to bring to the Sibiu public an exceptional art selection in the format of two art shows named “Heavy and Light” and “Cer Deschis” curated by Roxana C Ionescu.
Partnering with Urbana Sibiu we were thankful to be able to invite the art public of Sibiu into two temporary special Pop-up Gallery locations on 9 MAI STREET NO.11 and 9 MAI STREET NO.58.

Our artists present large and small scale body of works.

Anca Stătică‘s work is by excellence a perfect invitation into the very personal spirit of the artist. Features as courage and hope, serenity and power are well designed into her intricate metal shapes. As strong first class woman artist she is a leading among the emerging artist through her fresh approach to sculpture installations and minimalist installations.

We are happy to also have in the same show Cezar Stanciu‘s work, part of a larger project he is exhibiting a 2D work that is an experimental piece out of his las series. Cezar is excelent in working large areas with spontaneous yet very expected details. Color and texture fit very well in his work figurative or nonfigurative alike. Unique to his approach is the way he is mixing sculpture techniques in a painting format.

Florin Magda is an exceptional Sculptor, whose works are just know being discovered.
His perfect technical skills allow him to invent and make large scale bodies of Sculpture that are very easy to install.
His sudden approach of metal give his works a very contemporan role and a conceptualized one, making him a perfect candidate for the contemporary art scene.
His details are extraordinary even thought he works with heavy duty materials and fairly large scale he simply give the impressionable features of softness or velvet like textures to his excelent welded metal pieces. But in this selection of works our public will have the priviledge to see more conceptual works , where the material impress by the sudden mixture of perfect technology and deep conceptual personal interpretation on the purpose of life and new language in the era of AI and computers. Here is were his work seats right at home with the works of Roxana Ionescu.

Roxana is an artist that developed her own natural technique of conceptualizing creativity. She is exceptional in finding complicated yet simple metaphors for life or life source energy. Sometimes her works may seem futuristic to the first glimpse. Yet her ideas are very clear and well developed. A very powerful artist by her presence in subjects she chooses to study and work on. She is presenting part of the Sculpture for the mind series in a very fresh context dealing with codes represented even by the very unexpected choice of materials. Plexiglass prints, video and so on.

These excelent artists await your response and will be there to give some more details if you happen to find them on your visit to our Pop-up location.

We believe in the good mood that come by seing good art. So stay safe and enjoy safe travels in this pandemic context.
We’ll provide safe measures and good vibes.

Not all those who wander are lost.


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